Original Bronze Sculptures

Limited Editions

David Feherty's "Troops First" Foundation is Beneficiary of Record Setting Bronze Piece by J.P. Childress, Texas Society of Sculptors member...

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Sculptor Pat Childress pictured above with seven Veteran Heroes who were featured guests at the  2021 George Strait "Vaqueros del Mar" charity golf tournament held at Tapatio Springs Golf Resort in Boerne, Texas.  Childress' "A Helping Hand" bronze trophy sculpture went for a record $95,000 with all proceeds benefitting David Feherty's Troops First Foundation.  <2022 Update...serial number 2 of 30 was auctioned off at the October 2022 VDM event for $65,000, contributing to well over $150,000 in total charitable contributions to Troops First!>

"Final Fetch"

Most every dog owner goes through the misery of having to put an aging companion down, for the good of the pet. Still, it's heart-wrenching to watch a faithful canine friend on their way out. This sculpture depicts an older man playing with his dog for the last time prior to the pet's exit from this world. The owner holds a stick in his right hand while comforting his dog with both arms. The pet rests his paw on the knee of his owner, the sole caregiver and friend of the animal for more than a decade.

"Final Fetch" is a limited edition of 30 pieces; approximately 15" H X 10" W X 10"D, mounted on a dark wood base with a "Lazy Susan" style turntable integrated into the bottom of the base, if desired. The client may choose the style of patina applied to the piece at completion.

The piece weighs approximately 30 pounds and is priced at $3,925.

July 2023..."Final Fetch" wins First Prize in the 2023 Texas Society of Sculptors exhibition in Georgetown, Texas. Exhibition will continue this summer with the final viewing the first two weeks of September.

Here's what the juror said in making the award: "This is a genuinely sensitive piece, from the portrait of the man to the treatment of the surface texture. There is real emotion here. The connection between the man and his dog is clear. This sculpture is visually interesting from all vantage point and leaves one wanting to keep looking and discovering more."

Small (3"X1") custom brass memorial tag showing your pet's name and dates of life available for mounting on the wooden base upon request....exact verbiage is customer-chosen.  Tag can be mounted on any side of the base due to integrated turntable on base bottom. Surcharge of $18 applies.

Ole'! -  Limited Edition of 25 Pieces 

Native American depicted wearing U.S. Calvary Jacket, carrying a calvary short sword, readying himself for an epic battle with an American Bison...

Size is approximately 26" in height; 14" in width and 11" in depth, mounted on rotating wooden base.  Weight, approximately 35 pounds. LimIted edition of 25 pieces; priced at $4,785 U.S. 

Takin' a Break

Clay model approximately 12" in height on rotating wooden base...currently in clay form, ready for foundry work...inquire about special pre-cast pricing...

Forever Gone

The Native American way of life was unique in so very many ways.  It reached its zenith in the 17th and 18th century in America and once removed by American forces, it was never to return to its early glory.

This is a bias relief bronze work that is suitable for framing and to be wall hung.  The outside dimensions are 12"X16," a standard canvas size.   Limited Edition of 25 pieces.  Priced at $1,250 U.S.

(optional frame shown at bottom of this page.)


The latter half of the nineteenth century was a period of desolation, privation and ruination of the Native American. Their lifeblood, the bison, was pushed to extinction by the white settlers anxious to expand their land boundaries. In the case of the Sioux Oglala tribe, the shaman offered up to their gods the Spirit of the Buffalo in the form of a skull.  An Oglala prayer "It is from this buffalo person that our people live, she gives us everything" is inscribed on the back of the sculpture.

Limited edition of 30 pieces; priced at $3,085 U.S. Approximately 16"H X 10"W X 15" D.

The Bishop's Burden

"The Bishop's Burden" is based on historical events. A Viking raid on the church of St. Cuthbert (England) on June 8, 793 A.D. "sent a shockwave through Europe...The church was splattered with blood of the priests of God, stripped of all its furnishing and exposed to the plundering of pagans."

This limited edition of 30 cast bronze pieces captures the imagery that the church officials likely had of the Vikings as they indiscriminately tore through the largely unprotected monasteries, leaving misery and suffering in their trail.  

Limited edition of 30; priced at $3,835 U.S.  Approximately 15"H X 8" W X 13" D.


The American Bison, more commonly known as the Buffalo, was the Native American's source of food, shelter and clothing. The Buffalo Person was the Plains Indians' most valuable resource and was treated in a spiritual manner. With the virtual disappearance of the buffalo, many tribes were destined for extinction.  LimtIed edition of 50 pieces; priced at $930 U.S.

Approximately 6"H X 8"W X 9"D.

Promises    -->

Chief Red Cloud, a great Sioux warrior-statesman, was the ONLY Native American warrior who was able to soundly defeat the U.S. Army in an extended war, resulting in a treaty that was written and executed on Red Cloud's terms (later abrogated by the U.S. government). In this "PROMISES" bronze sculpture, Red Cloud is holding a peace medal that was given to Native American leaders as a symbol of peace by the U.S. government leaders. Here, Red Cloud is depicted as perhaps a bit disdainful of this token gift.

Inscribed around the perimeter of the base of the bronze sculpture is one of Red Cloud's most prophetic quotes: "They made us many promises but they kept only one. The promised to take our land. And they did."


Limited to 30 pieces; priced at $3,585 U.S.   Approximately 15"H X 8"W X 8" D.

Fading Spirit

There can be little argument that the essence of the Old West was centered on the Native American population. This piece of sculpture is meant to represent the waning years of glory for the Western Indian tribes, including the Plains Indians such as this Crow and those whose primary habitat was in the the Southwestern United States, such as the Comanche and Apache in Texas. The Crow Indian in this sculpture wears his hair fortified with bear grease and proudly wears the grizzly bear claw necklace as proof of his manhood.

Limted edition of 25 pieces; priced at $2,960 U.S.  Approximately 13" H X 7" W X 6" D.

Cowboy Ramsey

The inspiration for "Cowboy Ramsey" came from a song by the late Don Walser, likely the best Western song balladeer in history.  Don's song about "Cowboy Ramsey" included the lines "a lover, a fighter, a wild bull rider...and a pretty good windmill man." I thought that to be a good inspiration for this ol' boy...

Limited edition of  30 pieces; priced at $2,960 U.S.  Approximately 15"H  X 7" W  X 8" D.

The "Old West" Set

Sold as a matching pair, priced at $5,300 U.S.

"Gone Forever" shown above in optional wooden frame.

Terms of sales are F.O.B. Boerne, Texas.  All sales taxes, shipping and handling charges are in addition to sales prices shown above. Terms of payment are: 10% of total price due with order; 40% of total price due prior to casting and balance prior to delivery. Payment may be made by check or PayPal. Contact the artist for further inquiries including additional photographs of each sculpture.