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Thanks for taking the time to visit my art website(s). You'll find the two categories of my art endeavors (oil paintings and bronze sculptures) on this page. Just click on the appropriate link below to open up the medium you wish to examine...

David Feherty's "Troops First" Foundation is Beneficiary of Record Setting Bronze Piece by J.P. Childress, Texas Society of Sculptors member...

Click here to see photographs of all the auction action, including a short video of the conclusion.

Sculptor Pat Childress pictured above with seven Veteran Heroes who were featured guests at the recent George Strait "Vaqueros del Mar" charity golf tournament held at Tapatio Springs Golf Resort in Boerne, Texas. Childress' "A Helping Hand" bronze trophy sculpture went for a record $95,000 with all proceeds benefitting David Feherty's Troops First Foundation.

Why should I consider having a custom oil painting done of myself or a loved one?

A great discussion of this issue may be found at this Bloomberg article....

Here's an interesting demonstration of the importance of a family heirloom portrait. To the left is the Robert S. Rogers family gathered for some sort of family reunion, circa 1900, in Coryell Co., Texas. The patriarch himself died a few years prior so the family did the next best thing...they hauled out Robert's portrait done in earlier days. It's a vivid reminder of the importance of portraiture heirlooms!

X Custom Portraits in Oil


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Oil Paintings

To open up a new website (Fine Art of America) and view a complete inventory of my oil paintings, please click here. The Fine Art website allows the viewer to purchase any of my images on a wide variety of items such as printed canvases, coffee cups, pillows, etc. If you have an interest in purchasing one of my original oil paintings, please use the contact path provided below. Thanks again!

Bronze Sculptures

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Childress is an award-winning member of the Texas Society of Sculptors, the premier professional association of sculptors in the state of Texas.

Interested parties may contact the artist by clicking here.

If you'd like to see additional information on the sculpting process, along with images of my work in clay, just click on the dropdown menu at the upper left corner of this page.