Original Art by J.P. Childress Enjoy the journey...
Original Art by J.P. Childress                Enjoy the journey...

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So, What's New?


June 2019:

"The Bishop's Burden" is based on historical events.  A Viking raid on the church of St. Cuthbert (England) on June 8, 793 A.D. "sent a shockwave through Europe...  The church was splattered with blood of the priests of God, stripped of all its furnishing and exposed to the plundering of pagans."


"Viking raids increased in frequency...and by 850 A.D. foreign armies were overwintering in England and by 870 A.D. the Danish conquest of Anglo-Saxon kingdoms had begun."


<Credit above verbiage to english-heritage.org>

"The Bishop's Burden" is approximately 12 inches in height, plus a 2" turquoise-encrusted black walnut base.


This will be a limited edition of 30 cast bronze pieces.  Vistors can see additional views of the clay model by going to the "foundry notes" photos (CLICK HERE).


Please contact the artist for final pricing...


<July 2019>

January 2019: This is a small portrait of a Native American based on one of Edward Curtis photographs from the 19th century.  The painting is oil on linen and measures 11" by 14" tall and is titled "The Shaman."

"Supplication" (15" tall Bronze).  It took many hours to finish this 15" sculpture in clay, consisting of four distinct pieces, after revisiting the drawing board numerous times.  I hope to have the first finished bronze piece sometime after January 2019.  It will be a limited edition of 30 pieces.


This is an older Native American, most likely Sioux. The buffalo skull in his outstretched hands was the centerpiece of some of their incantations. Here, the subject is appealing to the Force of Life to return their most precious resource, the buffalo, to its once great presence on the American plains.


J.P. Childress, September 2018.

December 14: Here's the final product, having been cast and finished by the Stevens Art Foundry in Bulverde, Texas.  Larry has been in this business since the 1970's, so he's got a lot of experience in bronze sculpting.


The finished piece is approximately 16" high, 10" wide and 12" deep (+ 2" overhang by the buffalo skull).  It weighs about 20 pounds.


The patina shown in the image is one of a variety of tones.  The piece can be in a single montone or subtly highlighted such as was this piece.


J.P. (Pat) Childress is an active member of the American Plains Artists Association and the Texas Society of Sculptors.




Oil Paintings

Orginal oil paintings of people, fauna and landscapes with primary focus on the Texas hill country...



Private commissions accepted on people and/or their pets.  Satisfaction guaranteed...

bronze Sculptures

Limited Edition bronze sculptures with an emphasis on Western subjects....



ARTIST'S STATEMENT:  I was fortunate to have a very good instructor in oil painting when I began in that medium some years ago.  He taught me the basics, instructing me to "paint what you see."  Years later, other teaching artists suggested that I change gears, telling me to "paint what you feel."  So, I like to think my oil painting is a good blend of realism and expressionism.


I find sculpting in clay an exhilarating challenge.  I'll embark on a sculpting project only if a subject truly moves me toward a vision.  Once I complete the clay model, I rely on gifted artisans at a local foundry/studio to complete the piece in bronze.


I hope you enjoy traveling with me through some of my work.  Thanks for stopping by....


J.P. Childress

Boerne, Texas



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