Original Art by J.P. Childress Enjoy the journey...
Original Art by J.P. Childress                Enjoy the journey...



Much of my time is devoted to painting under commission to inviduals.  I travel to the subject or host them in my studio to take a series of photographs that capture the spirit and character of the person and/or the pet.  I then confer with the individual and submit a sketch and/or monotone underpainting for approval, then move to the finished full color oil painting.  The process normally takes about a month and total satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed.  Depending on the subject matter and quality of photographs, I may be able to use a client's photograph(s).  If interested, please use the contact page on this website to communicate directly with me....J.P. Childress




Self Portrait, J.P. Childress


I'm most pleased to have a connection with one of the finest veterinary clinics in the Hill Country of Texas.  Dr. Steven Rapp features many of my commissions as artworks on the walls of his clinic in Boerne.  If you're looking for unparalleled attention and care for your pet, this is the place to be.  Their website can be viewed at this link.



Comments on Commissioned Works:


“Just a quick thank you note for the Bella portrait.  It was a huge hit with the kids and especially with the grandkids who just adore their bulldog Bella.”


“Ken absolutely adores the painting you did of Alex, his “Lone Star” pet.  It perfectly captured her spirit and her likeness.  We’ll treasure it for many years to come.”


“I lost my little friend Scooter last year.  He was my beloved companion for 14 great years.  I am so glad to have the painting you did of the two of us.  It depicts us both so well and brings back many great memories.”


“Thank you for your work, Pat.  This is a portrait that will stay in our family for a very long time.”


“Madeline’s painting will be hard to top in the coming years.  Lisa was truly speechless and so very appreciative.  They had many questions about you and how we ‘pulled it off’ while they were visiting us.  Bob and I are so grateful…it truly made our Christmas special.”


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