Original Art by J.P. Childress Enjoy the journey...
Original Art by J.P. Childress                Enjoy the journey...


New, as of March 2019, a supplemental website specifically designed to market, sell and ship the sculptures shown here is available for your convenience.  Just click here to be taken to the artist's webpage at Saatchi Art that includes photos, descriptions and prices of currently available pieces from J.P. Childress...thanks for your interest!



Sculpting in an oil-based clay allows me to create a piece of art that replicates in exacting detail a subject matter.  After completion of the clay model, a local studio/foundry produces a limited number of the art in a high quality bronze utilizing the ancient lost wax method.  Once the full edition of bronze pieces has been reached, the mold itself is destroyed, ensuring a unique piece of art for the ages.  Typically, my sculptures are limited to 30 or fewer for each work of art.


I'm an active member of the Texas Society of Sculptors organization.


Please take the time to browse through the following photos of my bronze sculptures and if you would like pricing or additional information on any piece, please use the contact page on this website to communicate directly with me....J.P. Childress


"Promises" a limited edition of 30 pieces executed in bronze; about 15" tall, mounted on a base of black walnut with turqouise inlays.

Chief Red Cloud, a great Sioux warrior-statesman, was the ONLY Native American warrior who was able to soundly defeat the U.S. Army in an extended war, resulting in a treaty that was written and executed on Red Cloud's terms (later abrogated by the U.S. government).  In this "PROMISES" bronze sculpture, Red Cloud is holding a peace medal that was given to Native American leaders as a symbol of peace by the U.S. government leaders.  Here, Red Cloud is depicted as perhaps a bit disdainful of this token gift.


Chief Red Cloud's life story is poignantly depicted in the New York Times Bestseller "The Heart of Everything that Is" by authors Bob Drury and Tom Clavin.  As an artist, I can only hope to capture a small piece of Red Cloud's character and attitude...J.P. Childress, Sculptor

Inscribed around the perimeter of the bronze base is one of Chief Red Cloud's most famous quotes:


"They made us many promises but they kept only one. They promised to take our land. And they did."            Chief Red Cloud 1822 ~ 1909

From Clay to bronze...

Almost six months of work...from a hard clay model into and through the ancient lost wax method of bronze scultures.


The inspiration for "Cowboy Ramsey" came from a song by the late Don Walser, likely the best Western song balladeer in history.  Don's song about "Cowboy Ramsey" included the lines "a lover, a fighter, a wild bull rider...and a pretty good windmill man."  I thought that to be a good inspiration for this ol' boy...


This bronze is a limited edition of 30 pieces.  The sculpture is mounted on a mesquite base handmade by a Texas Hill Country Artisan.  The piece is 15" High X 7" Wide X 8" Deep, including the base.


Inquries welcome for each of these two Western pieces, or a discount for the purchase of the pair.


There can be little argument that the essence of the Old West was centered on the Native American population. Although these "noble savages" (as referred to in numerous writings) inhabited North America for many millennia, it was only with the appearance of the white man that they took on the epic proportions as a symbol of the untamed Western lands.  It took less than a century for the white settlers and their lawmen to beat the Indian down to a mere semblance of their gloried years.


This piece of sculpture is meant to represent the waning years of glory for the Western Indian tribes, including the Plains Indians such as this Crow and those whose primary habitat was in the the Southwestern United States, such as the Comanche and Apache in Texas.  The Crow Indian in this sculpture wears his hair fortified with bear grease and proudly wears the grizzly bear claw necklace as proof of his manhood.


This is a limited edition of 25 pieces.  The sculpture is mounted on a mesquite base inlaid with turquoise, handmade by a hill country artisan.  The piece is 13" High X 7" Wide X 6" Deep, including the base.


The Boone & Crockett Register is used to record record-setting trophies as defined by the dimensions of the racks of deer and antelope, among the many subjects of hunting venues.  In the case of Texas, there are three animals coveted by hunters; the white tail deer, the mule deer and the pronghorn antelope of Western Texas.

In this series of Award-Winning bronze sculptures, I used the actual mount of each of the three trophies to extract the exact measurement of each subject's rack and have sculpted these trophies in a precise 4 to 1 scale.
The three trophies may be purchased on an individual basis mounted on a mesquite wall plaque; in a set of two each in the form of mesquite bookends (with inlaid turquoise) or all three mounted on a mesquite centerpiece which is in turn mounted on a base of hill country limestone.  All of the various mounts are carefully crafted by skilled Texas hill country artisans.


The Lakota tribe referred to the bull American Bison as "Tatanka."  Like most other plains tribes, the Lakota Indians regarded the buffalo as sacred and often used the skull in their rituals.  This sculpture is of a buffalo skull, executed in bronze, with a carefully formulated chemical patina applied to the finished bronze that gives the skull an appearance very close to a bone white.


A limited edition of 50 pieces of the bronze "Tatanka" sculpture is available.  This piece weighs approximately 5 1/2 pounds and is approximately 5.5" high X 8" wide X 9" long.  The photo here depicts a black walnut base; in addition, this same piece may be mounted on a mesquite base, angled to present the piece in a different view.

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